Peace Pole Dedication,
On a beautiful sunny afternoon, Saturday January 13th, 2018; we celebrated the dedication of the Peace Pole installed in front of the Chandler Downtown Library, 22 S. Delaware St.
This Peace pole displays the message and prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in English, Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin. Those simple words are a prayer, a vision and a powerful tool for healing ourselves and our planet. People all over the world are taking these words into their hearts; joining in a wave of light and love that is growing brighter every day. It is a reminder to work for PEACE. It brings people together from all sectors of the community. It teaches respect for every race, religion and belief. It encourages justice for all.
The Chandler Rotary is proud to promote Peace in our community. Thank you to all the Club members and the Board for supporting this project. We at Rotary believe strongly in the motto: "SERVICE ABOVE SELF"
Thank you to Dan Lee, library manager. Abigail Nersesian Library Branch manager. Nancy Van Pelt District Governor and all the members who attended.And don't forget: The House of Harmony who performed "The Star Spangled Banner and Sing. Great performance.
Gabrielle Schwarz
PR ChairPerson 
Peace Pole Project Leader.